Muhammad Odeh bezüglich des Anfang des Ramadân 1424 n.H.

In einer E-Mail schrieb Muhammad Shawkat Odeh von der Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS) bezüglich des Anfang des Ramadâns:

To make it clear! I and other friends were in a plane at 3800 meters above sea level looking for the crescent on Saturday 25 October from Jordan! We did NOT see the crescent.
After landing I went to attend the official Jordanian meeting for Ramadan Declaration, since I’m a member of the official Jordanian Crescent-Sighting Committee! I clearly reported that we didn’t see the crescent from the plane! Also, NO ONE in Jordan saw the crescent. But as soon as Egypt claimed seeing the crescent the Supreme Judge ordered the Jordanian TV to declare that tomorrow Sunday 26 October 2003 is the first day of Ramadan!

Hope this is clear, and thank you for your concern.


Best Wishes
Muhammad Shawkat Odeh.
Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS).
P.O. Box 141568 Amman 11814 Jordan.
Fax: +1-707-2210918 (In USA).
Mobile: +962-79-5877225
odeh [at] jas [dot] org [dot] jo

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